Fel Pro KS Gasket sets are the old numbers, current part number, if availible, is listed to the right of the list.


Part #QUANITYApplicationNew #
KS2005183-85 JEEP 2.5260-1191
KS2118381-88 2.5L Dodge260-1093
KS212012.6L Dodge Mitsubishi260-1156
KS2121181-89 2.6L Dodge Mitsubishi RWD260-1155
KS2122384-88 2.2L Dodge TURBO260-1276
KS2123179-91 Dodge 86-89 Hyndai 85-90 Mit 1.5L260-1194
KS2125183-92 Dodge Mitusbishi 2.0L 4G63260-1199
KS2126284-89 2.6L Mitsubishi G54B-T TURBO260-1201
KS2132190-97 3.3L Dodge260-1646
KS2207284-85 E15 E15T E16 Nissan260-1279
KS2208181-83 Z22S Z22E Nissan Pick Up260-1282
KS2323281-85 1.9 Ford w/Head Bolts 
KS2324182-83 3.8L Ford 
KS232712.0L Ford Mazda Courier 
KS2331281-85 Ford Mercury 1.6L 
KS2333185-86 Ford 2.3L OHC260-1162
KS2334285 Ford 2.3L HSC 
KS233633.0L Ford 260-1210
KS2358193-97 2.5L MAZDA DOHC260-1652
KS2610275-79 250 Chevrolet w/Integral Head 
KS2612168-80 350 Buick 
KS262221.6L Chevrolet Chevette 
KS26242301 Pontiac 
KS2628280-84 250 Chevrolet 
KS2634182-84 GM 2.0L OHV Sunbird/Firenza 
KS2635177-79 2.5L Chevrolet 
KS2637380-84 3.8L Chevrolet 
KS2638280-84 307 Olds 
KS26391350 Olds DIESEL 
KS2642276-87 1.9L Chevrolet/Isuzu SOHC 
KS264324.1L Cadillac260-1470
KS264511.8L Pontiac OHC 
KS264816.2L Chevrolet DIESEL 
KS2650185-89    GEO 1.5L 
KS2651286-88 Toyota 1.6L 
KS2652287-91 2.0L 2.2L Chevrolet 
KS2653185-87 2.5L Fiero/Skylark/Grand Am/ Calais 
KS2657187 2.5L Car 
KS2658187 2.5L Truck 
KS2660189-91 2.3L Quad 4 
KS2662184-87 3.8 Buick TURBO/Non-Turbo Non-Intercooled 
KS2665187-94 2.0L Sunbird Skyhawk 
KS2668185-86 Buick/Chevrolet 2.0L  
KS2669190-93 2.5L VIN R 
KS267012.5L Chevrolet 1988 VIN U260-1462
KS2676188-91 2.5L Chevrolet Truck260-1482
KS27001IH 266, 304, 345 1959-1980260-1075
KS27011392 IH260-1076
KS2702272-75 IH 392260-1050
KS27031404, 466 IH  1975-1981260-1117
KS270616.9 Ford Diesel260-1672
KS2803177-80 Toyota 1.6L260-1062
KS2805175-80 Toyota 2.2L260-1065
KS2808183-88 1.5L Toyota "3AC" -"1AC"260-1286
KS2809283-87 1.6L Toyota "4AC"260-1501
KS2900273- 84 1.7 VW/Audi260-1298
HS26190 PT1102-11 5.3L Chevrolet  
HS26190 PT2105-09 5.3L DOD 
HS9627 PT1193-94 Mitsubishi 2.0L DOHC 
VS50821R12007-2010 6.6L Chevrolet DIESEL